The Difference Between a Genuine and Non-Genuine Smile & An Unintended Side-Effect of Botox

Neuroscientists study many things. One of those, for instance, is what happens in the brain when we observe expressions on other...

A messed up Valentine's day and his way of making up for it

Long story short, my boyfriend slept all Valentine's Day, which left me feeling very lonely and disappointed. I went on a walk on my...

My Family's Personal Experience With Donor Transplant

I'm sharing this story because this is a subject very near and dear to my heart.... And because, April is National Donate Life Month....

Splitting the bill is amazing!

No one owes anybody anything This is as simple as it gets. I pay for myself and he pays for himself (or we take turns but we'll need to...

Trying to Survive the Texas Snow Storm

For those of you on the outside looking in, you're probably like what the hell is going on down in Texas and you'd be right because...

Held Up At Gunpoint

In my head I was rolling my eyes as one of my last customers for the day asked to see the price of one of the home decor pieces high on...

Do you ever feel alone?

I feel like I want to talk to someone but at the same time I do not want to talk to no one, I feel alone even tho I know there are...

If you are dating someone who's mothertongue in another language, would you want to learn it?

For me it depends. I tried learning her German, but in the end I gave up. She did same with my Corsu native dialect, but I'm not too...

How do I deal with all the criticism I get for dating a white guy when I'm an Asian girl?

I am an 18 year old girl, senior in high school. Before anyone says I'm whitewashed, since kindergarten up until 10th grade, I grew up...

How does a person handle being in love with someone they know doesn't feel the same? They care deeply for you, but they not ready for a relationship?

Now we have known one another for a long time with that being said... Now reason why I feel personally that she doesn't feel the same...

Do you think it's cheap to give a guy a lunch box?

There is this guy at work who I really care about (seems the feeling is mutual but we never confirmed). We are the only ones who brings...

Would you date someone who is narcissist and self-absorbed?

I mean like your partner, girlfriend/boyfriend, loooves to show off so she/he loves selfies A LOT, and loves taking pictures of...

In your opinion, is it morally okay to remarry if you lost your last (always faithful) spouse to tragedy? Why or why not?

This is strictly hypothetical but imagine you married "the one." The one person who you knew you would spend the rest of your life with....

Does Toxic Masculinity really exist? What is Toxic Masculinity?

Recently there was a question about how to curve Toxic Masculinity and my opinion got quite a bit of dislikes. You can't say that my...

If a guy text at 5am, is it a booty call?

Im interested in a guy He texted me "Hey how are you?" At 5am

How long does it take you to text back?

Does replying right away come across negatively? If you wait to reply how long do you wait? What do you do if you forget to respond?

Which lip piercing is your favorite?

The girl with the vertical labret is so pretty its unreal no homo

Are you a guitar player?

Today I was thinking that there are a lot of guitar players on GAG, but I don't see that many questions about them. Maybe you can't come...

Is smoking really a deal breaker for you?

Even though a lot of girls say they won’t date a smoker in reality I see tons of them getting dates all the time. A lot of these guys...