Crawled out from poverty into the normal life - how long did it take for you?

So me was penniless since elementary school. I would have loved it so much to eat Pretzels and drink chocolate milk or capri-sun for...

Here's What I Like About Men, Part II

I like when you are... So there's a lot of negativity in the world, a lot of things to feel negative about. It's legit, I know....

The Saga is over. One year and One Day... The most Shortest - Longest Relationship from hell

So I have been posting about the disaster relationship ended yesterday. One year and One Day. So the "perfect" relationship in my eyes...

For Guys, How to Know If You're Handsome

Before I begin, I would like to tell you that since this myTake is from a guy's perspective, some signs shown by girls may be...

Why Women Dump You After the Winter Holidays

Valentines Day Defines a Relationship Often times breakups happen around Valentines Day. It creates pressure on new and even old...

What Women Should Not Have on Dating App Profiles

Hello ladies, are you having trouble getting high quality men to swipe right on your dating app profiles? Here are just a few annoying...

Who's a non biological parent figure that positively impacted on your life and wish to thank?

It can be an aunt, an uncle, a sibling, a teacher or whoever you want! Someone who took care and supported you and is a sort of third...

Tongue piercing! 😱 Why people do this?

It really shook me just to think or see a pierced tongue! But doesn't make any sense why people this! Honestly its totally unattractive...

What are you Investing in?

Are you investing in Dogecoin? It is cheap and seems to be skyrocketing quickly.

What's your beauty secret?

What's your beauty secret that you really follow and you think it works?

Why Do Some People Think It's Okay To Drink And Drive?

I know people on here may think I drink a lot, but whatever drinking I do, I do safely at home...People, please remember when you drink...

Who gets judged more harshly in society. Men who date much younger women OR women who date much younger men?

When I say “ younger” I mean legally younger of course. The whole male vs female sexual predator thing can be a different topic/poll....

Classic manicure or clear nail polish?

Which one do you prefer? A classic manicure with red/french manicure/nude/milky nail polish no crazy colors/designs or just simple and...

Which of these celestial events do you find the most frightening?

Not sure what else to call these, but they are natural events that occur in space that could hypothetically kill us all if extremely...

" People are ultimately divided more by class than by nationality." Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

we're going off this definition of "Class" a. A social stratum whose members share certain economic, social, or cultural...

Who would you likely be more attracted to--a pretty girl with slouching posture or an average face girl with great posture?

If they were the same size at a healthy weight, who would you likely be more attracted to? The pretty girl has forward neck posture and...

What is the best way you like to communicate?

I prefer calls and face to face. I even speak to text like an old woman. Lol (so sometimes it is not the proper spelling or words)

Would you be friends with the most loved or the most hated person?

If you came to a new town/school/work place etc. would you then rather befriend the most loved person on place or the most hated one?

Do guys like getting spooned by their girlfriend/wife?

My boyfriend is physically taller and stronger than me And dominant in bed But he likes me to spoon him when sleeping

Which are you more excited for, Loki or Black Widow?

Loki looks fantastic but we've been waiting for Black Widow to come out for nearly a year, it's gotten 3 delays and it finally has a set...